Photos from the Lamp Tavern, 28 and 29 April 2012
Photos from Melting Pot's Hamlet at the Lamp Tavern, Highgate, Birmingham.
All photos by Matilda Cobham.

The play's the thing - Susan Doran, Matthew Brockington, Philip Ward, Janet Bright in the "play within the play" which begins the second half of Hamlet

"Wretched, rash, intruding fool, farewell" - Polonius is murdered with a stab through the arras (Susan Doran as Polonius, Matthew Brockington as Hamlet)

"Look here upon this picture and on this..." Hamlet (Matthew Brockington) accuses Gertrude (Jenny Stokes)

Gertrude tells Claudius of the killing of Polonius (Philip Ward as Claudius, Jenny Stokes as Gertrude)

Above: Susan Doran plays the messenger, Philip Ward as Claudius - this picture clearly shows the close up nature of the production in the intimate surroundings of the Lamp Tavern's function room

Below: Susan Doran and Jenny Stokes double as the gravediggers, one of several doublings for both actors

Below: The play moves relentlessly to its tragic conclusion

Susan Doran as the Priest, Jenny Stokes as Gertrude, Philip Ward as Claudius, Amanda Bonnick as Laertes, Holly Jeffery as Ophelia

Jenny Stokes (Gertrude), Amanda Bonnick (Laertes), Philip Ward (Claudius)

Amanda Bonnick as Laertes, Holly Jeffery as Osric, Jenny Stokes (Gertrude), Philip Ward (Claudius), Susan Doran (Lord)

Susan Doran (Lord), Jenny Stokes (Gertrude), Philip Ward (Claudius), with in the foreground Matthew Brockington as Hamlet, Janet Bright as Horatio

All photos (c) copyright Matilda Cobham and Melting Pot Theatre Company