We staged Shakespeare's Hamlet in Worcester, Birmingham and Stratford between April and July 2012

Prince Hamlet is already discontented and introspective, but when he finds that the recent death of the father he idolised was not accident but murder, his introspection changes to fury, frustration and wild madness. Can he trust a ghost? What should he do to avenge his father's death?

A sequence of events is unleashed that can only end in disaster as Hamlet tries single-handed to right the wrongs of Denmark.

Ours was a fast-paced production with minimal props which remains true to the text - we did not cut a single character, scene or plot detail, but judicious cuts to some of the dialogue and longer speeches meant that the running time was close to halved compared to the full text. The play was staged in the round with the emphasis on telling the story - audiences saw a close up, absorbing production combining the intensity of the poetic language with the clarity of the relentless storyline.

Photos: Matilda Cobham

What they said:
‘Great ensemble and super individual performances, a really excellent production’
‘Very very good, intense and emotionally delivered - don't miss it’
‘Hamlet’s descent into madness was well charted, the eternal question of when he was mad and when he was feigning madness underscored by a teasing ambivalence… This ambitious production succeeds admirably in re-imagining Hamlet’
‘The light and shade in the production and the performances was superb… time flew by... I can honestly say it was the first time I really got what this play is all about’

Read a review from (appropriately enough) Behind the arras: garylongden.wordpress.com/2012/04/29/hamlet-the-lamp-tavern-digbeth-birmingham

See the Hamlet picture gallery page for more photos

Cast & crew (in order of appearance)
Amanda Bonnick: Barnardo, Laertes, Guildenstern, Captain
Holly Jeffery: Francisco, Ophelia, Rosencrantz, Fortinbras, Osric
Jenny Stokes: Marcellus, Queen Gertrude, Reynaldo, Player Queen, Gravedigger
Janet Bright: Horatio, Voltemand
Philip Ward: Ghost of Hamlet's father, King Claudius, Player King
Susan Doran: Polonius, Gravedigger, Messenger, Lord, Ambassador
Matthew Brockington: Hamlet
Julie Nunn: Front of house

Shakespeare's Hamlet
the ArtHouse cafe, Chapel Walk, Crowngate, Worcester WR1 3LD
Wednesday April 18 7.30 pm
Sunday April 22 7.30 pm

The Bradbury Centre, 2 Sansome Walk Worcester WR1 1LH
Friday April 20 7.45 pm

the Lamp Tavern, 157 Barford Street, Birmingham B5 6AH
Saturday 28 April 7.30 pm
Sunday 29 April 7.30 pm

The Station, 7 High Street, King's Heath B14 7BB
Sunday 8 July at 3.00pm
Sunday 15 July at 3.00 pm

The Dirty Duck, Waterside, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6BA
Sunday 22 July at 4.00pm