Melting Pot's Hamlet, like the summer, is over...

And what a summer it was! The Olympics, Andy Murray with a gold medal and the first Wimbledon final for a British bloke since 1936... and Melting Pot's Hamlet!

Seven actors, one iconic play, no problem! Hamlet with the Melting Pot treatment in Worcester, Birmingham and Stratford-on-Avon - swordplay and wordplay, love, revenge and death - all the essential ingredients once again thrown into the Melting Pot for Hamlet Unwrapped!

Over the summer we took Melting Pot's fast-paced, up-close Hamlet from Worcester (the artHouse/the Bradbury Centre) via Birmingham (The Lamp Tavern and The Station, King's Heath) all the way to Stratford-on-Avon - yes, Shakespeare's birthplace and the garden terrace of the hallowed Dirty Duck.

Check out Hamlet photos on the Hamlet pictures page and other production photos on the pages for The Memory of Water, Bloody Poetry and Macbeth, all in the menu to the right

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(Hamlet performance photos (c) copyright Matilda Cobham & Melting Pot. Photos courtesy of Matilda Cobham. This page: Matthew Brockington as Hamlet, Jenny Stokes as Gertrude. For more production photographs click on 'Hamlet pictures' in the menu top right)

We loved it - and so did our audiences:
‘Great ensemble and super individual performances, a really excellent production’
‘Very very good, intense and emotionally delivered - don't miss it’
‘Hamlet’s descent into madness was well charted, the eternal question of when he was mad and when he was feigning madness underscored by a teasing ambivalence… This ambitious production succeeds admirably in re-imagining Hamlet’
‘The light and shade in the production and the performances was superb… time flew by... I can honestly say it was the first time I really got what this play is all about’

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'Melting Pot never disappoint... I eagerly await their next production' - Worcester Evening News

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