Bloody Poetry by Howard Brenton October 2008

'You and your team should be very proud of what you have achieved with a challenging piece of writing. A great success and you deserve your audiences who I hope have enjoyed it as much as we all did. I was impressed by the acting abilities of all the cast, and I thought you brought out excellent performances from all of them. The staging, sound and all round direction were first rate. As good a production as I have seen in a long time.' PL, Worcester

'The portrayal of Shelley the idealist was nicely counterbalanced by the superb portrayal of Byron as a decadent, debauched and cynical figure, without descending into the grotesque. It was a finely judged performance with great power....

Ultimately what has stayed in my memory is a mixture of powerful performances and funny, literate wordplay. Some of the credit needs to go to Brenton for writing such an intelligent and thought-provoking play, but much of the credit needs to go to Amanda Bonnick for superb direction. I do not get to as many plays now as I would like, but Bloody Poetry stands out as the performance I have most enjoyed so far in 2008.'


Percy Bysshe Shelley - Paul Merrell
Claire Clairemont - Rachel Le Sauvage
Mary Shelley - Sarah Gordon
George, The Lord Byron - Matthew Brockington
Dr William Polidori - John O’Mahoney
Harriet Westbrook - Amanda Bonnick
Voice - Katherine Jones


Lighting Design & Operation - Tim Brockington
Sound Design & Operation - Nick Marston
Lighting Operator - Howard Brooksbank
Stage Manager - Katherine Jones
Assistant Stage Manager - Kelly Page
Assistant Stage Manager - Sarah Speak
Stage Carpenter - Matthew Brockington
Costumes supplied by:
- Costumia
- The Crescent Theatre
Poster design - Julien Reville
Designed, directed and produced by Amanda Bonnick