Passion, bold design, pacy story-telling - the ingredients in the melting pot...
Melting Pot was formed in 2001 - our inaugural production was Peter Whelan's The Herbal Bed, staged in the gardens of the Commandery in central Worcester.

" engrossing play... Amanda Bonnick as Susannah and Philip Ward as the slimy Barnabus Goche, gave outstanding performances..."

Macbeth played in Worcester Arts Workshop to enthusiastic audiences in October 2007.

'Melting Pot Theatre Company handles Shakespeare with a style that is as razor-sharp as the daggers that flash around the Arts Workshop during this action-packed production' - John Phillpott

We staged Howard Brenton's "Bloody Poetry" at the Worcester Arts Workshop in October 2009 to enthralled audiences. Comments included...

"One of the production's great strengths is the way in which it brought the witty wordplay to life, and there was much humour to counterbalance the underlying sense of tragedy and the dramatic action. The portrayal of Shelley the idealist was nicely counterbalanced by the superb portrayal of Byron as a decadent, debauched and cynical figure, without descending into the grotesque . It was a finely judged performance with great power....

Ultimately what has stayed in my memory is a mixture of powerful performances and funny, literate wordplay. Some of the credit needs to go to Brenton for writing such an intelligent and thought- provoking play, but much of the credit needs to go to Amanda Bonnick for superb direction. I do not get to as many plays now as I would like, but Bloody Poetry stands out as the performance I have most enjoyed so far in 2008."

'Memory of Water' was staged in October 2009 - 'funny, moving and intense..'

Betrayal, staged in Worcester Arts Workshop:

"...the play has edge throughout, an undercurrent of tension in every scene, and some wonderful interplay between the characters. Philip Ward as Robert was superb... Amanda Bonnick played Emma with great skill..."

Melting Pot is about passion, as well as about the huge treasure of talent we have encountered over the last five years. What is exciting about Melting Pot is the fact that our most successful productions exhibit that passion through the quality of the final product. Passion, enthusiasm, drive, commitment to putting on something unique with standards that few local companies can reach all these make for fabulous experiences for the cast, crew and audiences (whose number and loyalty are growing year by year). These elements, along with bold design and strong, pacy story telling, are the key ingredients in the Melting Pot.

We are not tied to a venue - both a challenge and an advantage, which enables us to use a variety of interesting spaces in Worcester and to take theatre wherever it appeals to us. We aim to produce high quality theatre with Worcestershire talent and enterprise, for the Worcester theatre-going public and community.