We staged Shakespeare's Macbeth in the downstairs theatre at Worcester Arts Workshop in October 2007.
This was the first time - of, as it turned out, many - that Melting Pot transformed the Downstairs space at Worcester Arts Workshop into a fully functioning theatre, bringing in lighting and sound equipment and fitting out the space with black drapes and other theatrical hardware to convert the studio into a magical space for the staging of an immersive and dramatic Macbeth.

'Melting Pot succeeded in creating an oppressive and intense atmosphere from the start, with unsettling birdsong and thunder, blood red lighting, booming voices from offstage...' - Worcester Evening News

Phil Milne as Malcolm and Nick Baldock as Macduff

David Rex as Duncan

Below: Phil Ward as Macbeth, Amanda Bonnick as Lady Macbeth and Philip Leach as Banquo in the banquet scene

Below: "She has said what she should not..." Amanda Bonnick as Lady Macbeth, Robin Bailey as the Doctor, Janet Bright as the Nurse in the sleepwalking scene

And some rehearsal pictures...

Above: Avril Irish, Sarah Gordon, Janet Bright and Phil Ward rehearse the scene where the witches taunt Macbeth with prophecies
Below: Avril Irish, Sarah Gordon, Janet Bright and Philip Leach rehearse the fight scene in which Banquo is murdered. The fight scenes in the play were directed by Raph Aldis of Stagefight (www.stagefight.co.uk)

In partnership with Worcester Arts Workshop, Melting Pot upgraded the lighting system in the Downstairs theatre. Melting Pot obtained funding from Elmley Trust and Worcester Arts Council which was used to obtain new dimmers and lights which were installed in the theatre. This enabled the production to benefit from a considerably enhanced lighting design by Tim Brockington. Nick Marston, who doubled as both sound designer and operator, provided an atmospheric sound design and also obtained sound equipment to enable this to be realised. In addition we gave the space a major makeover which together with the enhanced lighting and sound enabled us to make our Macbeth the immersive, exciting experience referred to in the reviews below.

All photos (c) copyright Matthew Brockington & Melting Pot Theatre Company


John Phillpott:
'Melting Pot Theatre Company handles Shakespeare with a style that is as razor-sharp as the daggers that flash around the Arts Workshop during this action-packed production'

Lauren Rogers, Worcester Evening News:

'Melting Pot succeeded in creating an oppressive and intense atmosphere from the start, with unsettling birdsong and thunder, blood red lighting, booming voices from offstage...

Philip Ward is outstanding as Macbeth - at times wonderfully calm, then wild and unpredictable. The scenes between him and Lady Macbeth, played well by Amanda Bonnick, are engaging and sexually charged.

Amanda Bonnick handled Lady Macbeth's moods very well.. she slips effortlessly from enjoying complete control over her husband to being frustrated, furious and then afraid of what she had unleashed in him.

The famous 'out damned spot' scene did not disappoint... Nick Baldock played a Macduff overflowing with emotion, David Rex was a commanding Duncan and Philip Leach's Banquo was very likeable'

Cast and crew
the three strangers
- Sarah Gordon
- Avril Irish
- Janet Bright
Duncan - David Rex
Malcolm - Philip Milne
Donalbain - Rachel le Sauvage
Ross - Duncan Barrell
Macbeth - Philip Ward
Banquo - Philip Leach
Fleance - Avril Irish
Lady Macbeth - Amanda Bonnick
The Porter - Sarah Gordon
Macduff - Nick Baldock
Lennox - Janet Bright
Caithness - Robin Bailey
Lady Macduff - Janet Bright
Young Macduff - Rachel le Sauvage
Gentlewoman - Janet Bright
Doctor - Robin Bailey
Seyton - Sarah Gordon
Seyward - David Rex
Young Seyward - Rachel le Sauvage

Soldiers, murderers,
messengers, servants - played by members of the company

Fight director - Raph Aldis
Lighting designer - Tim Brockington
Sound design - Nick Marston
Wardrobe and costume - Marilyn Middleton Mellor
Hair stylist - Rachel le Sauvage

Lady Macbeth’s dresses by - Chaya Campbell

Lighting and sound operation - Nick Marston
Assistant stage manager - Lara Hayes
Assistant Director - Elodie Bonnick

Produced by Amanda Bonnick

Designed and directed by Matthew Brockington